1836 The roots of Perth Planing Mill begin when Alexander Kippen commences a woodworking business at 44 Wilson St. west manufacturing sash, door and blinds, which then grows to include a planing operation.                    IMG_6603-01
1875 Kippens Mill purchases 350,000 bdft of lumber at $14/thousand
1916 P.W. Clement Purchases the Company and eventually changes the name to Perth Planing Mill.  Continual advancements are made to facilities and operations, paving the way towards retailing              IMG_6599
1947 A Partnership  is formed between William Clement and R.C. McLenaghan, and the business continues to evolve, primarily into a retail lumber and building materials (LBM) operation.              IMG_6586
1980 Under John McLenaghan the company grows to include a broader range of retail products, larger  warehousing, modern delivery equipment, and a number of LBM industry banners
Today The current operation resides at 25 Lanark Rd. While the planer has ceased operating, the retailoperations continue in a larger and more focused format.  Now in its 3rd McLenaghan generation, PPM Supply offers indoor lumber storage, an exceptional delivery service, and a selection of products for those focused on
the business of residential, agricultural and light commercial construction.

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